Being thirty years old and doing business in Croatia: towards a center for young Croatian entrepreneurs


Being entrepreneurs is an attractive opportunity: after Croatia joined the European Union, many people, especially the young ones, started to enter more and more into the world of business.

But sometimes, opening a company means also having to deal with some problems. Among the most frequent obstacles we mention two:

  • the lack of funding to start their own business
  • the high risk of failure

However, these obstacles can be easily overcome.

Among many opportunities we recommend the Croatian AssociationMladi poduzetnik” (in English Young Entrepreneur) that helps young men and women interested in starting their own business to find the right strategy.

Young entrepreneurs in Croatia: here is where to find support and informations

The association Young entrepreneur works in particular on two points:

  • entrepreneurial training for young people
  • search for funding sources, such as the European Structural Funds.

The main goal is the creation of a center for young entrepreneurs to provide them support in all business processes:

  • creation of business plan
  • business start-up
  • marketing strategies
  • design

Encouragement for the association Young Entrepreneur by Elips Jadran

Elips Jadran wants to encourage the association Young entrepreneur in all initiatives.

Here’s where we see great potential for cooperation between our two realities:

  • train young entrepreneurs
  • manage projects
  • analyze the possibilities of financing
  • identify the right tools for the financing of the project ideas

The objective of Elips is the same as that of the Association: to strengthen and improve the entrepreneurial potential of young Croats. We are confident that the collaboration will be fruitful!

Photo source: flickr/mdanys [CC BY]

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