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ELIPS Slovakia has for several years successfully been promoting businesses in all the regions of Central and Eastern Europe and supporting companies and institutions in the processes of development and internationalization. To achieve these objectives ELIPS Slovakia offers a wide range of services in the sectors of project management, corporate finance&advisory, education, business solutions and R&D. All these […]


To promote and support entrepreneurial activities in all regions of Central and Eastern Europe. ELIPS sees the permanent training of its human resources as the key to success for its partners.


The senior team of ELIPS Slovakia can be characterized by these words: Ideas Knowledge Concentration Evaluation Development Curiosity These words not only define the spirit of the ELIPS team, but are also the guidelines through which all the new staff passes during selection. Alberto Russo Direttore generale Alberto Russo is the General Director of ELIPS Slovakia. His […]

Monthly focus

Elips Slovakia recounts the benefits of open trade relations with Uzbekistan, the country of cotton.


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    ELIPS provides services for foreign investors who are interested in locating their production in Slovakia. The services mostly consist of: Feasibility studies of delocalization in Central and Eastern Europe     using simulation, projection, and modeling of manufacturing processes Execution of activities necessary for plant development Support in the start-up phase with temporary management activities   ELIPS Slovakia […]

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    ELIPS provides clients with whole project management that includes the following phases: Preliminary analysis Preparation of the request for financial contribution Complex project management ELIPS Slovakia project management  

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    If a client comes with an idea that is out of the service range of ELIPS, we do not hesitate to consider it. For this reason, our services have been expanded in the recent years with: analysis of various matters market research public procurement specific projects research others If ELIPS has a lack of knowledge in the requested field of […]