Being thirty years old and doing business in Croatia: towards a center for young Croatian entrepreneurs


Being entrepreneurs is an attractive opportunity: after Croatia joined the European Union, many people, especially the young ones, started to enter more and more into the world of business. But sometimes, opening a company means also having to deal with some problems. Among the most frequent obstacles we mention two: the lack of funding to start […]

Textiles: 3 numbers (and just as many reasons) to invest in Uzbekistan


Elips Slovakia recounts the benefits of open trade relations with Uzbekistan, the country of cotton.

In Croatia, we are imagining a research center for the sustainable use of the Adriatic Sea


Biodiversity in the Adriatic is dying. For this Elips Jadran, together with the University of Rijeka, is creating a research center to study the Adriatic and to valorize the research. Even for tourism purposes.

3 stories (positive ones) that explain why cities should communicate better with SMEs


Today we tell you 3 stories in which municipalities and cities have worked with and for small and medium-sized enterprises, creating jobs and growth.

5 reasons why we decided to create the first web community for SMEs in Slovakia


In the next 6 months we would like to create a web platform where SMEs in Slovakia can share routes of innovation and networking to access Structural Funds. Today we present you the latest project created by our team, that started a few weeks ago. The goal is to create the first Web Community of Slovak […]

Elips Jadran: this is how we use the digital memory to enhance the Croatian islands (not only in the summer)


Elips Slovakia’s subsidiary company will create a virtual book to collect the stories of the Croatian islands. One of the goals is to lengthen the tourist season.

European bison: Project on resettlement with participation of ELIPS becomes a documentary on Italian TV


For a few days the team ELIPS has become part of a television crew set to shoot a short documentary in Slovakia.

The other side of Croatian tourism


Croatia has a long touristic tradition and great opportunities to develop a sustainable tourism also in the inner territories. That is how ELIPS want to increase the attractiveness of the country.

Invest in Croatia: ELIPS Slovakia launches ELIPS Jadran


The new company, based in Rijeka, is ready to boost SME investment and support project development in Croatia.

How we resettled the European Bison in the Poloniny National Park


5 steps about how we used our experience on Project Management strategies, to resettle an endangered species in the Poloniny National Park of Slovakia.

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