5 reasons why we decided to create the first web community for SMEs in Slovakia


In the next 6 months we would like to create a web platform where SMEs in Slovakia can share routes of innovation and networking to access Structural Funds. Today we present you the latest project created by our team, that started a few weeks ago. The goal is to create the first Web Community of Slovak […]

ELIPS and SEMPA: Presentation of the research on SMEs on the international scientific conference


On the 15th November 2012 was conducted the International Scientific Conference “Economic and social development of Slovakia; public administration effectiveness – small and medium sized business – the European economy” under the auspices of Mr. Pavol Frešo, chairman of Bratislava self-governing district. The conference was organized by the School of Economics and Management in Public […]

Eurozone – economic experts’ meeting


Nowadays, the Euro and the Eurozone are the most frequently spelled words in Europe. To resolve the problems connected with them is a big deal that needs to be discussed.  ELIPS Slovakia participated in the conference entitled “EURO ZONE: PROSPECTS AND FUTURE SCENARIOS”, held on May 23, 2012 at hotel DoubleTree by Hilton Bratislava. On the […]

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Reti di PMI come modalità di sviluppo dell’economia slovacca


Publicato: 23 marzo, 2011, www.italo.sk Il sostegno alle piccole e medie imprese ricopre un ruolo fondamentale nell’economia slovacca, derivante dal fatto che le PMI rappresentano l´88,22% del totale delle imprese (126 159 PMI su un totale di 143 001, dati relativi a dicembre 2010). La percentuale relativa all’occupazione nelle PMI in Slovacchia costituisce un indicatore […]

Observatory SME: The Observatory for Small and Medium Enterprises in Slovakia


Published: 4 april, 2011, www.italo.sk “SMEs play an essential role in the Slovak economy and is important to facilitate their growth and development.” Of SMEs and business networks in Slovakia we had already published a study by ELIPS Slovakia, which on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 launched, in partnership with SEMPA (School of Economics and Management […]

Networks of SMEs as a mode of development of the Slovak economy


Published: 23 march, 2011, www.italo.sk Support for small and medium-sized enterprises plays a fundamental role in Slovakia, resulting from the fact that SMEs account for 88, 22% of all enterprises (SMEs 126,159 out of 143,001, data December 2010) . The percentage of employment in SMEs in Slovakia is an apparent indicator: the employees in SMEs in […]

ELIPS Slovakia on www.italo.sk


As our company creates a part of the community of italian enterprises in Slovakia we participate in different organizations. The most important one is the Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava.  One of the activities it deals with is the portal Italoblog (www.italo.sk) where you can find the latest news from the Slovak and Italian […]

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