3 stories (positive ones) that explain why cities should communicate better with SMEs


Today we tell you 3 stories in which municipalities and cities have worked with and for small and medium-sized enterprises, creating jobs and growth.

5 reasons why we decided to create the first web community for SMEs in Slovakia


In the next 6 months we would like to create a web platform where SMEs in Slovakia can share routes of innovation and networking to access Structural Funds. Today we present you the latest project created by our team, that started a few weeks ago. The goal is to create the first Web Community of Slovak […]

Elips e SEMPA Bratislava: lessons and case studies to support the internationalization of firms


Teamwork and case studies: during his classes, Alberto Russo has exlained to economic students how to support firms in internationalization process.

ELIPS and SEMPA: Presentation of the research on SMEs on the international scientific conference


On the 15th November 2012 was conducted the International Scientific Conference “Economic and social development of Slovakia; public administration effectiveness – small and medium sized business – the European economy” under the auspices of Mr. Pavol Frešo, chairman of Bratislava self-governing district. The conference was organized by the School of Economics and Management in Public […]

Sviluppo del settore delle PMI: l’utilità dello strumento Panel


Elips Slovakia vuole riuscire a creare un Panel che possa facilitare l’interazione tra le PMI stesse, ma anche e soprattutto con grandi imprese, enti e istituzioni.

Research of SMEs – the first presentation of results is over

Nový obrázok

Representatives of scientific, educational, as well as public institutions from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland met together on 26.04.2012 at the School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava within the workshop “Drivers of regional development”, in order to discuss the basic incentives that should encourage the development of the Slovak economy. […]

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Research on SME – first results’ presentation


26.04.2012 – an international workshop, “Drivers of regional development”, with the participation of Slovak and Czech universities and other scientific institutions, will take place at the School of Economics and Management in Public Administration in Bratislava. The program will also include a presentation about first results of SMEs research, which is being carried out by […]

Reti di PMI come modalità di sviluppo dell’economia slovacca


Publicato: 23 marzo, 2011, www.italo.sk Il sostegno alle piccole e medie imprese ricopre un ruolo fondamentale nell’economia slovacca, derivante dal fatto che le PMI rappresentano l´88,22% del totale delle imprese (126 159 PMI su un totale di 143 001, dati relativi a dicembre 2010). La percentuale relativa all’occupazione nelle PMI in Slovacchia costituisce un indicatore […]

Observatory SME: The Observatory for Small and Medium Enterprises in Slovakia


Published: 4 april, 2011, www.italo.sk “SMEs play an essential role in the Slovak economy and is important to facilitate their growth and development.” Of SMEs and business networks in Slovakia we had already published a study by ELIPS Slovakia, which on Tuesday, 1 March 2011 launched, in partnership with SEMPA (School of Economics and Management […]

Networks of SMEs as a mode of development of the Slovak economy


Published: 23 march, 2011, www.italo.sk Support for small and medium-sized enterprises plays a fundamental role in Slovakia, resulting from the fact that SMEs account for 88, 22% of all enterprises (SMEs 126,159 out of 143,001, data December 2010) . The percentage of employment in SMEs in Slovakia is an apparent indicator: the employees in SMEs in […]

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